ASE Scorer 9 release 1.0.16



1. Swiss teams events were faulty




ASE Scorer 9 release 1.0.15



1. You can now enter a zero outright pair number in the session names. This is useful when using the Multi-session option link names, as well as having the players enter their player numbers on table top devices for subsequent sessions. This is not applicable to Swiss Pairs.

2. In Swiss teams, second round and later, the names are now placed in the BWS file with the starting position as those of the players at the table.

3. In the option [system][VP scales] there is now an option to add the new WBF discrete VP scales. You choose the number of boards and add the scale. ASE9 does not support the continuous scales. They will need to be entered manually in the session scores but note ASE9 does not support 2 decimal places.

4. P2P files for teams have been corrected.

5. Default ratings reports are now in order of impacts.


ASE Scorer 9 release 1.0.14



1. Jeanie 1 would not work with ASE9. This fix requires a re-install of Jeanie1.


ASE Scorer 9 release 1.0.13



1. The option [Event] [check scores] from remote terminals did not appear sometimes.

2. The [advanced] menu item would fail sometimes.

3. Teams scored without masterpoints would hang sometimes.

4. The board set in American whist could not be altered to other than set 1.

5. Three-way teams matches used incorrect pair numbers


ASE Scorer 9 release 1.0.12




1. [Get Names] from remote terminals for teams events did not work sometimes.



1. The option [Remote scores][advanced][settings]{Enter player numbers}, when ticked , now also means the Player numbers and names will NOT be added to the BWS database file. Conversely if not ticked the player names and numbers will be included in the bws file and automatically appear on the tabletop devices.

Note: The settings in the control program may override the entry of numbers irrespective of the setting in ASE9.


ASE Scorer 9 release 1.0.11




1. Names from Bridgemates were not allocated to the right teams in teams movements.


ASE Scorer 9 release 1.0.10




1. More than one player with the same bridgename was not updated correctly in the CARDS run.

2. Three-way matches over two rounds now have different EW pairs in the two matches.


ASE Scorer 9 release 1.0.9




1. ‘&’ in PSP file was causing problems

2. Table numbers not in sequence were not carried through to Remote scores server

3. Support for Bridgetablet table top terminals has been added.


The new product “Bridgetablet” is found at


ASE Scorer 9 release 1.0.8




1. New England Relay movement was faulty – one round short.

2. Entering stratum in the outright field required double-click to enter

3. Lead was not included in the P2P file


ASE Scorer 9 release 1.0.7




1. Individuals movements could not be created.

2. The number of winners in the P2P file was wrong sometimes.

3. Jeanie 2 is incorrectly returning the default number of boards per set. ASE9 boards per set is now always used.

4. Server restart checks if initialize is needed.

5. Swiss teams events sometimes would not build a bws file.


ASE Scorer 9 release 1.0.6




1. Team movements were not right sometimes.

2. Win7 64 bit did not work with Bridgepads

3. Updating movements for Bridgemates did not work

4. Names in Bridgemate did not appear on the table terminals


ASE Scorer 9 release 1.0.5




1. Check scores produced an error if there were no scores.

2. ¾ Howells sometimes did not work.

3. Replace teams sometimes replaced with the wrong movement

4 P2P file can now be produced for Australian users

5 Players from alternate clubs in Australia are included in the members file.


ASE Scorer 9 release 1.0.4




1. Hand records did not appear on reports when required.

2. American whist league movement E-W down option did not work.

3. Barometer Howell did not work.

4. ABF masterpoint update was not using the latest file



1. Breaking ties in Swiss teams default has been changed to "Summing the opponents scores" not  "Total IMPs".

2. Second event can share databases when started from  BOS.

3. Bridgemate II setting defaults have been changed.


ASE Scorer 9 release 1.0.3




1. Some dates incorrectly included time

2. ¾ Howells were not allowed

3. Negative numbers in score adjustments were multiplied by 10

4. Replace section from remote scores menu failed.

5. ‘Update from round’ number sometimes was not displayed.

6. System registration sometimes issued a false error message.