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Append movement

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This options allows you to append a whole movement onto the currently open movement. The dialogue screen appears like:




Before using this option you will need to export the movement you intend to append producing the "ASE scorer" format file. Select that file in this screen using the [select file] option. Before selecting the file choose the required options.


"Add tables to pair nos" - tick this option if the appended tables will have the pair numbers at those tables increased by the number of tables in the original movement.

"Resequence pairs" - tick this option if the pair numbers should be resequenced on each round. Starting at E-W pair 1 all numbers will be resequenced through all tables incrementing the E-W pairs at each new table. The sequence is wrapped around from the highest table to table 1.

"Add sets to board nos" - tick this option so that the board numbers in the appended movement are to be increased by the number of sets in the original movement.


You may choose to {Append tables} or {Append rounds}.

With append tables for each round the tables from the appended movement are added to the end of those already in the current movement.

With append rounds for each table the rounds from the appended movement at the same table number, are added after those already found in the current movement.