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Jeanie the movement wizard


Jeanie is a unique computer program for bridge organizers, directors and scorers. It was developed by Ian McKinnon to help in his research into new and improved movements that are found in his book Duplicate Bridge Schedules, History and Mathematics.


Jeanie is the new generation of Tournament Directors’ tools, augmenting existing movement reference books. All the movement schedules are grouped into libraries, each library named after the section in Ian’s book where the movements are discussed.


Any movement can be found by search criteria that defines the user’s needs. These criteria include the number of tables, rounds and winners as well as teams, pairs, individuals and movement type. Once a movement is chosen, table and personal guide cards can be produced at the click of a button.


The movement editor allows the user to devise or change any movement, check the balance, improve the balance, combine two movements, delete and add rounds and tables. Of course when the movement is defined, Jeanie will check that all is in order, that no pairs play each other twice or that they play the same boards twice. Included in Jeanie are movement generators that will produce any of the standard movements at the click of a button.


Once you have selected the movement of your choice, a file can be produced that your usual scoring program can read and use. This directly addresses the complaint by many Tournament Directors that their selection of movements is limited to those available in their scoring program.