Language Editor

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Language Editor

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The language editor appears like:


This editor allows the user to modify the displayed text shown on all other screens. The original text is in English, shown on the left The alternate and displayed text is shown on the right. The language on the right is selected in the language box at the top left of the screen.


Select the text you wish to change on the left list. The 'other text' box on the top may be altered to suit your needs. Changes cannot be made to the English language displayed on the left.


When making many changes to the 'other text' you may change the text and use the arrow-down or arrow-up keys to navigate the list. Any changes made during this process will be shown in the other language list, but must be saved before leaving the screen. Where you make a change to only one item then [change] button must be clicked.


The [save] button saves the whole file. [Restore] button will return all the values to the original values, losing any changes made.


The menu item [file] has two options: Export language and Import language.


Export language will ask you for a file and folder name where you want to save all the language values for the chosen language. This allows users to exchange files with the modified text.

The Import language option will import a file for the selected language, using an open file dialogue.