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Download the files from the internet and run by double clicking on them after download.

The latest downloads are found here:


There are two types of installations.


1.The install file contains all the database software as well as the scoring programs. This is called an embedded install and is the usual installation by most clubs and other users. The installation file will be named like 'ASE9_N1_102e.exe'. Note the letter 'e' after the release number 102.

2.The scorer and database installation programs are separate.  The Firebird and Scorer install files are separate programs, and should be run independently of each other. The Firebird installation is downloaded and installed first. Then the ASE Scorer Version 9 is downloaded and installed second. The Firebird installtion file is named like 'Firebird-' and the ASE Scorer Version 9 like  'ASE9_N1_102.exe'. Note there is no letter 'e' after the release number, 102. This type of installation is for advanced users who wish to share their member's masterfile on a local area network. Note the embedded version of the ASE9 installation will also work with a server that has version 2.5.1 of Firebird installed.


The default placement of the program during the installation is in the Windows 'program files' directory.


Once installed and run fot the first time, ASE Scorer Version 9 then proceeds to setup a working data directory in the same drive as the program location, usually the C: drive.


That means the events files etc are defaulting to C:\ASE9Data etc.


One way to place all the files on a second drive, and the simplest way, is to change the installation to that drive. For example install all the program files into D:\ASE9. Then the datafiles will be automatically in D:\ASE9Data etc.


Where you want to place the program files in the default directory (C:\Progarm files) and the data files on the D: drive, you will need to setup the appropriate directory structure on the D: drive. The simplest way is to start up ASE on the first occasion and have the default procedures to automatically set up the C:\ASE9Data directories and then exit ASE9.


Copy that complete data structure to the D: drive.


Then start ASE Scorer Version 9 and go to the system defaults and change any paths there. Then go to members file [F9] and choose [file][open DB] and open that members file in the new location.


Whenever you save an event, backup, text file etc. use the D: drive directories as the location. After the first time those D: drive directories will be remembered automatically.


After things are working fine, delete the original C:\ASE9Data directories.