Your club details

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Your club details

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When you register as an Australian user you are supplied with additional files.

You then have the added advantage of the Search button:



The club premises address will be automatically filled out when you enter the club number or select the club from a search list:




When you exit from the club details with [OK] you are asked:




If you select [yes] all the club members may be included in your masterfile.

If your country is Australia then all ABF members are available. If not then it will depend on what source of names you have on your computer.

The options offered are:




Australians may choose the ABF names option unless you have another source of your members' names.



Then you may be asked if you want to download the latest ABF names from internet



If you are connected to the internet then choose [yes].

The club members' file is then populated with the players registered with your club.


Then a separate file of all ABF members is built automatically. Both these files are placed in the default masters directory