Library structure

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Library structure

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All the movements are contained in libraries. Libraries are really directories (or folders) found on the disk of your computer. The "standard" library contains a simple set of the supplied movements. Each user has the option of placing their regularly used movements in the "favourites" library. Also any additional libraries can be created as needed.


Libraries should be managed from within the Jeanie movements software and not changed in anyway using any other editors. All the files are simple text files but the content is strictly predefined in the layout used. Each library contains an index file and a list of files numbered in sequence.


The index file contains a list of all movements and the basic details of each. This allows the Jeanie software to select and display the list of movements quickly and thoroughly. The operating system file names do not attempt to describe the movement contained within. Therefore these file names are simply based on a sequence number. Note there may be several files containing movements with very similar properties, or in the case of different libraries, the same properties.