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Library tools

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When you select the [Library] from the main menu the menu items available are:



Open a different library, making the newly selected library the "current library". A list of available libraries will be shown. As you click on the library name the description of the library is shown at the bottom of the screen. Make your selection by double-click on the name or click the [select] button.


Create a new library. You will be asked for a new name before it is created.


Delete the current library. Note you cannot delete "standard" or "favourites" libraries.

[Library description]

View and change the description of the current library. This is for documentation purposes and appears in the [Open] dialog screen. It does help you choose the right library for your needs.

[Import library]

Use this option to import a new library from an exported library file (see below). You are presented with a standard Windows open file dialog allowing you to choose the file of choice. The file format is a standard zip file and Jeanie does not attempt to validate the file.

[Export library]

The export library option allows you to save a complete library of movements in one file. The file created is a standard "zip" file and the default file name is the same as the library name. You might use this option to backup your movements or to send the library of movements to another user of Jeanie. You are presented with a standard Windows save file dialog allowing you to choose a name and location.

[Restore library]

Restore the contents of the "current library". All the movements in the current library will be replaced with the original movements. Any changes you have made to the movements in the current library will be lost. Use this option to restore the contents of the library when it become damaged, corrupted or unusable.