Main screen

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Main screen

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When Jeanie is first opened it shows a screen like this.


Main screen

The name of the library is shown in the top right hand box. The movement you have open is described on the main panels. Use the [Open] button to open another movement and the [Details] button to view all the properties of the movement. The main menu items allow you to make other choices.


See [File], [Options], [Library] and [Editors] for a full description of these choices.


Choosing "Pairs" or "Individuals" at the bottom of the screen will dictate the type of movement required in the "New" and "Open" movement dialogs. Even so this option can be overridden by the options in the Open file dialogue.


Changing the library in the combo box will close the current event if one is open and change the library to the new name. When you click [open] the list will only include those movements found in the new library.



For help at anytime press F1. See [Help] menu for other options.

To obtain the release number of your version of Jeanie see [Help][About].


Other main keys in Jeanie are the escape [Esc] and the proceed [Enter] keys. The [Esc] key will take the same action as the exit or cancel button on the screen showing. The [Enter] key will take the same action as the "default" button on the screen showing. The default button is the one shown in bold outline, for example the [Properties] button on the main screen shown above.


Also note the use of the [ and ] in the documentation to denote either a menu item or button showing on the screen. This indicates an option is available by clicking on that item. This differs from the choices options available which are denoted by "". For example, above, the class of movement you wish to work with can be either "pairs" or "individuals" and clicking on that bullet will set that option and no other action will occur.