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Selecting the [Open] option from the main menu of Jeanie will show this screen for you to choose the required movement. This screen is also shown when your scoring program requests for you to choose a movement.

Open Mvt 2

Change the search rules to suit your requirements. For example by entering 5 in the number of tables will limit the list to those movements with 5 tables that are included in the current library.


Note the search rules may result in no movements being shown. This will happen if the library currently selected does not contain any movements with the requested properties. To show all the pairs movements in the library, for example, enter 0 tables, "any" movement type, "1 or 2" winners, "any" reference and "any" balance. To widen your search use other libraries. To move onto the next library use the Ctrl-N. This will expedite a search of all libraries where you are looking for a particular set of properties for your movement.


Options such as "movement" are presented in a combo box and you can only choose one of those in the list. Editing the movement and reference lists may be done in the editors menu on the main screen.


Double click on the movement of choice from the list on the left and it will opened for further use. Alternatively highlight the movement of choice on the left and click the [Open] button. Use the [Cancel] button to exit without opening a new movement.


Use the menu items [Display], [Sort order] and [Option] to change the way the display presents the movements in the list.


The [Display] menu allows you to choose the columns shown in the grid. The available items that can be shown are:







Board sets



Click on the item so a tick appears next to the item and the display will include that column. Note the widths of the columns may be changed by passing the cursor over the title line until a double vertical line appears. Then click and move the column divider to another position.


The [Sort order] menu allows you to change the order the list appears. The choices are:







Click on your choice and the list will appear in that order. For example if "names" is clicked all the movements will be shown in ascending alphabetical order of the movement names.


The [Option] menu allows you to change the library being searched as well as two "remember" and "navigation" options..

[Select library] Select a new library from a list of those available.

[Next library] Step onto the next library

[Prior library] Step back to the previous library

[Remember] > menu list, see below


The remember options may be clicked and a tick appears beside the option. Once ticked the open movement dialog will always use the currently displayed value for the item whenever the open dialog is chosen.


The [Remember] options are:

[Search all libraries]








To remember the movement type in all open dialogs set this option in the default preferences found in the main menu. Movement type is managed outside the open movement dialog so that when scorer programmers use the open dialog they can specify a specific movement type.