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New file

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Selecting the [New] option from the main menu [file] option will show this screen for you to start definition of a new movement. The example shown here is for a new pairs movement. Where you have selected an individuals movement two additional pieces of information are required: the number of players and boards sets in the movement.

New Mvt

Choosing the correct movement type on this screen will simplify the process later. The number of tables and rounds should be as accurate as possible. The name is not essential and can be changed later.


Choosing "undefined" as the movement type will mean all properties need to be entered manually. The Howell and Mitchell types will use further screens to narrow down your needs and simplify the entry of details of the movement. For example choosing Howell in a pairs movement with a reduced number of rounds will result in an Interwoven or 3/4 Howell.


Depending on your choice here and whether defining a pairs or individuals movement, the next screen will be tailored to your needs.