New Howell movement

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New Howell movement

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Where you have chosen to create a new Howell movement the screen shown is:

New Howell

The movement you are entering must be a real Howell. Only the first round positions are entered for the pairs (or individuals) and board sets. All other rounds are generated automatically based on the Howell movement rules in the movement parameters screen.


The NS and EW pair numbers (or N, S, E, W player numbers in individuals) should not be repeated and in a range of 1 to twice the number of tables (or 4 times for individuals). The numbers of the board sets are limited to the number of rounds but can vary for individuals. Each board set can have several boards and the number can be specified later and changed as needed by the director.


The 'Interwoven' and 'Reduced Howell movement' options will be automatically ticked when the number of rounds are less than those required by the standard Howell movement. Less than half the rounds required means it will be interwoven.