Movement generator parameters

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Movement generator parameters

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When you select the [movement parameters] editor from the main menu the screen shown is:


These parameters are used in the new movement file generators. The [new] movement option is on the main [file] menu. The generating of new movements use basic parameters defined here. The default values, those available by selecting the [reset defaults] button on this screen, are the recommended values.


Using other than the default values are not guaranteed to work, so be careful in making changes. The "+" sign indicates the pairs or boards are moving up tables (to the next higher number) on each move while a "-" sign indicates the move is down. The number of tables moved is shown next to the sign. A zero value means there is no movement, that is they remain stationary.


The "in base" only applies to the appendix Mitchell and if "EW" is selected then the East-West pairs are moving in the base and N-S are stationary in the base. East-West are stationary in the appendix tables. "NS" has the opposite effect.