Movement type descriptions

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Movement type descriptions

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When you select the [Description editor]  from the [editors] on the main menu the screen shown is:


For each movement type available in Jeanie there is a description. This description is used to aid the director in setting up the tables for the movement. For any movement that is open, the description is shown on the main screen.  For any movement this can be changed in the main properties screen.


The description shown on this editor screen can be edited as required. Choose the language of your choice and edit to suit your needs. Once saved, it is available in the properties screen to be used whenever the movement type is changed. Where the [automatic description] option is enabled the movement description is changed to this description when the movement type is changed. Also at anytime you can choose to replace the existing  description for a movement by using the [generate description] option.


There are a number of advantages in having a default description available. This description can be changed and then applied to all movements of the selected type using the [reload descriptions] option from the main menu.


The description can include some macros to tailor the text to suit the number of tables, rounds or boards in the movement where the description  will be used. In the example shown above the macro <tables> is used. Whenever this description is used for a pivot Mitchell the <tables> macro is replaced with the number of tables in the particular movement.