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These movement options listed here are found under the [Options] menu item on the main screen:


[Import movement]

Import movements from other sources such as a scoring program.

[Export movement]

Export the current movement to a file for use outside the Jeanie tools.

[Generate Mitchells]

Generate Mitchell movements for a selected range of tables.

[Copy movements]

Copy movements from another library to the current library.

[Change movements]

Change various properties of one or more selected movements in this library.

[Automatic save]

When this option is ticked the movement is saved without a dialog asking if you want to save the movement. The save only occurs when the movement is closed. A movement is closed when Jeanie is closed, another movement opened or a new movement is created. Click the option to enable or disable the tick.

[Clone movement]

Make a copy of the current movement with different properties.

[Append movement]

Append an existing movement onto a current movement.

[Odd teams draw]

Produce a file containing the draw for an odd number of teams.

[Multiple teams draw]

This option will supply you with a multiple teams movement for one session.