Features and structure

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Features and structure

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There are two main parts to the Jeanie program. The first is the movement editor and manager which is the main program. The second is the runtime application extension (dynamic link library or activeX component) which is used by scoring programs to select movements to be used within the scorer.


In the movement editor and manager there are options relating to the libraries, movements and global parameters. There are many types of users of this program. The tournament director running an event may wish to select a movement and print guide cards or  view the details of how the movement works. The club or event organiser that wishes to include a new movement in the libraries or modify existing movements.


The programmer of a scorer program can use the application extension so that their scorer will includes an option to allow their users to select the movement of their choice. This is supplied as an ActiveX component. Alternatively the programmer can control all the features of the Jeanie tools and so use their own screens to make the Jeanie tools appear to be completely integrated within the scorer.