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Movements are kept in files, one per file. Each movement file is stored in a library. For more information on libraries see the section on library structure.


The supplied libraries include "Standard" and "Favourites" as well as those dedicated to each bridge publication. The standard library contains a common selection of movements. The favourites library is included so the user can copy all the movements they use from the other libraries to their favourites.


You can create new libraries as needed. Normally a new library would contain new movements or movements of a particular category.


The library management options listed here are found under the [Library] menu on the main screen:



Open a different library, making the newly selected library the "current library".


Create a new library. You will be asked for a new name before it is created.


Delete the current library. Note you cannot delete "standard" or "favourites" libraries.

[Library description]

View and change the description of the current library. This is for documentation purposes.

[Import library]

Use this option to import a new library from an exported library file (see below).

[Export library]

The export library option allows you to save a complete library of movements in one file.

[Restore library]

Restore the contents of the "current library".


See library tools for more details on these options.