Generating Mitchells

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Generating Mitchells

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Selecting [Generate Mitchells] from the main menu [options] menu will show the movement generator wizard:

Generate mitchells

This allows you to define the type of Mitchell movements you want created. The range of tables is used with the "limit numbers to" either odd or even tables to specify the set of movements required.


Changing the "limit numbers of tables to" option will change the available "movement types". For example relay Mitchells are only available with an even number of tables. Where half tables are required in all the movements specify either NS or EW are missing.


The number of rounds and board sets are either the same as the number of tables (less a fixed amount as an option) or the same number in each movement. The relevance of these options varies with the movement type.


The names of each movement can vary using the "naming options". The names are generated based on these rules, with the prefix as the start of the name and the additional information included as you specify. The example above shows "Generate:" as the prefix with "include Tables" and "include rounds" both ticked. The name of the 4 table movement would be "Gen18/06/12: 4T 4R".