Import and export movements

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Import and export movements

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Selecting the [Import movement] and [export movement] options from the main menu [options] menu will show a dialog screen. This dialog allows you to choose different file formats, the ones supported by your version of Jeanie. The recommended format for export and import is the Jeanie standard. This format contains all details of the movement and is suitable for exchanging movements with other users or clubs.


The scorer specific formats are suitable for the respective scorer only, though the ASE Scorer format is the simplest and is recommended for scorers that are not specifically supported. See ASE standard file format for more details.


All the export formats are listed here:


ASE Scorer






Word DOC

Howell definition

Howell design

BiCycle grid



Generally these formats are self explanatory.

The HTML, Word Document and XML are for use in web pages or word documents.

The Howell options are only useful with movements based on Howells.