New Pairs Mitchell movement

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New Pairs Mitchell movement

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Where you have chosen to create a new pairs Mitchell movement the screen shown is:

New mitchell

The list of movement types available in the combo box will vary depending on the number of tables, whether an even or odd number and whether a half table is selected.


Depending on the movement type selected, other options will appear as required. In this example where a relay Mitchell is selected, the position of the bye-stand table can vary. In this case the bye stand is positioned between tables 5 and 6. If the relay was between 10 and 1 the lower number entered here should be 10.


Where you choose to use a half table the missing pair will be zero in the movement. The number of rounds and board sets can vary as required and need not be valid for a Mitchell movement. Even so a movement will be generated with the specifications entered. It is done like this so you can generate starting positions for a hybrid movement you may be building. Use the property editor to make further changes.


Tick "Board are shared across the movement" to have all tables sharing boards on each round.


The generated Mitchell will have pair numbers 1 to the number of tables both as NS and EW unless "Scrambled Mitchell" is ticked. When ticked the pair numbers are 1 to twice the tables and an option to enter the rounds that the switches take place. Is it possible to enter zero rounds for no switching.