Movement name management

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Movement name management

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The names of all the movements are held on a text file. There are separate files for pairs and individuals movements. This function load the file of names for the movement class (pairs, individuals) supplied with the call. Once loaded the "GetMovementName" function can be called to get the name of any movement of the class loaded.



This function removes the list of movement names from memory. This is used in conjunction with, and should be used before, "LoadMovementText" for a movement class. Once unload has been called, any calls to "GetMovementName" will not work.



This function returns the name of the movement type requested. The movement index, a property of each movement, is supplied in the call (see enumerated properties).



This function does, in one call, the same things as the above three functions. The movement class and the movement index is supplied in the call and the movement name is returned. It is equivalent to making the three calls: