Program source code

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Program source code

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Program source code is supplied for Delphi Pascal and Visual Basic.


There are projects supplied to test and use the JeanieComObj.dll  program extension.


To obtain the source code of these projects use the [Help] menu on the main screen.

[Get source code]

[Delphi Pascal]

[Visual Basic]


You will be asked for a directory to place the source code.


The Delphi Pascal and VB source includes two modules. The first shows examples of calls to the functions and the other the function interfaces to the JeanieComObj.dll.


The main issue for the programmer is the standard call rules.

The strings used are null terminated ASCII. This is the normal C programming string.

All strings are Unicode format.

The maximum string length is 1024 for all except the description which is 2048 and the page number is 64.