Pascal enumerations

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Pascal enumerations

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MvmtClass = (mcPairs, mcIndividuals);

Only Pairs and Individual movements are supported at the moment


MvmtType =










           mtCrissCrossMitchell,   //Double weave Mitchell  with stationary boards

           mtDispMitchell,         //Bump Mitchell



           mtDoubleWeaveMitchell, // CrissCrossMitchell with moving boards




































The movement types prefixed with "mt" are for pairs and those with "mti" are for individuals. "mtAny" can apply to either pairs or individuals. Use these numerations to retrieve the full movement name using the "movement name management" frunctions.


The names of the movement are managed using the movement type editor.


ScorerType = (stASE, stSB, stACBL);

The scorer types supported at the moment are:


stASE: ASE Scorer

stSB: Scorebridge