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Properties file menu

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These menu items refer to the current movement file.


This option allows you to open new movements from the properties screen. It is the same as the open option on the main menu.


Save the changes you have made to the movement.

[Save as new]

Saves the whole movement in a new file, essentially making a copy of the original, including any changes.


Perform the analysis of the movement. This is the same as the [Analyse] button on the properties screen. The analysis panel on the properties screen will be updated with the findings, including the bias of the movement.

[Analyse to file]

This is the same as the analyse option but it asks you for a folder and file to place the statistical information about the player comparisons in movement. In addition other details are included in the file. All boards are match pointed using Bussemaker scores, the total scores for all pairs and the recommended seeding.


Shows the pair comparisons.