Using the editor

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Using the editor

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When Jill is started and the main screen first appears, it shows cards being dealt. Click any card and the dealing stops. A random deal appears, showing the four hands, like this:



At the top of the screen is a menu, with main menu items [File], [Deals], [Options] and [Help] showing. Next to these is a combo Box allowing the user to select the deal number in a file. Also basic details of the deal are shown at the top left of the screen. When first started there is only one deal available ( as shown here), but that can be saved as a PBN file or another file opened using the [File] menu item.


This screen, like all screens, can be re-sized and position changed using the mouse. The size and position will be 'remembered' by Jill. Note when this is done the images are all re-scaled so that you have a larger or smaller cards showing. This is ideal when the screen is being projected on a very large external screen.


Next we will consider the menu items available to the user of the editor.