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Movies features list

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Jill allows the user to produce movies of any deal. Any deal can be played as a movie without any changes, the bidding and card play are re-enacted from start to finish with a selected delay between each play.


The extensive power of Jill is realized when a movie is pre-defined by a set of macros, selected as required by the author of the hands.


The screen showing the deal can be re-sized by the user so the display is as large or small as required. The cards are re-sized proportionally with the screen. This is ideal for bridge lessons being shown on a projector screen attached to the computer.


A collection of deals contained in a file can be distributed as a movie file. Authors can produce a collection of files that can be distributed to their clients, such as might be included as an attachment to a bridge book. For example each file might represent one chapter of a their book.


Jill provides tools for an author to produce an install kit (setup.exe) file that their clients can install on their own computer. The movie files included with the install kit can only be used with that authors install kit. In addition, any movie file included with an install kit cannot be used in other author's copies of Jill.


Once your client has a copy of Jill on their computer you can distribute new movies to them via email or even make it available as a download on your web site. The install kit can also be made available as a download from your site, either free of charge or purchase. The hand of the day, the week or the latest tournament diagnosis can easily be published and distributed under your control.


While viewing a movie the student or other audience can control the pace at which they are proceeding. They can skip deals, go back to previous deals or stop the movie. They can replay the movie any number of times.


Authors of bridge columns or books can use Jill to set up hands, the bidding and even play and produce a Microsoft Word document file or HTML file. The exported file can be incorporated into their books, newspaper columns or web site. Using Microsoft Word or your browser the file can be edited further or simply printed as a hand out.