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Editor features list

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Jill is a fully featured editor, producing movies of bridge hands with embedded textual comment and guidance to the viewer. The viewer can be guided through the bidding and play of the hands. The features include:


All hands deals are viewed with card images.

All bidding is carried out using a bidding pad, the user clicking the bid they want to make.

The hands can be generated randomly.

The hands can be deal as a pre-dealt format, the user clicking card images as a card is placed in the hand.

During pre-deal the cards can be returned to the deck with a click of the card image.

Descriptive text can be entered for various purposes:

oHand description


oThe deal

oThe result

oThe auction

In addition to general description there is specific descriptions available for each bid or each card played.

Standard details of each deal can be edited as needed:

oEvent name





oPlayer names

oBoard number