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Export options

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When exporting your PBN file to an HTML or Microsoft Word document there are some options available to you:

export options

By checking or un-checking the inclusions for the file you can tailor the content of the file.


The text items are those 5 discussed in [Deals][edit text]. The font size above this section only applies to these 5 text types, and the notes and annotations.


The table layout applies to those sections where the information is presented as an array, namely cards, bidding and tricks. The widths are expressed in pixels where the border width of zero means no border is showing.


The float option only applies to HTML and allows you to wrap the comments and text around the table information.


The 'open file after saving' option when checked will start your browser or Microsoft Word with the file showing. Once the file is opened in Word you can modify the file or simply print the file.