Deals, edit text

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Deals, edit text

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The [deals] menu item [edit text] shows the comment editor screen. This allows you to edit the 5 text categories:








The screen appears like:


Comment editor


Text can be entered for one or all 5 categories. Choose the category in the top row of bullet items. You can change back and forth in these 5 sub-screens as you need.


The size of this screen, and the font size at the bottom can be changed as you need. It is important to understand the consequences of changing the size of the screen and font size. When these text items are displayed during a movie, or in the HTML or text display options in the [deals] menu the sizes in this edit screen are used.


When entering text in these categories there are special character pairs for the card suits: spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs.


For the spade () symbol enter \s, for hearts () enter \h, for diamonds () enter \d and clubs () enter \c.


In addition there is one other special character, a bullet where you enter \b


Also not that \n will produce a new line in the output text, but will be replaced physically by new lines the next time you see the text in this editor.