Deals, edit details

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Deals, edit details

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The [deals] menu item [edit details] shows the detail editor screen.

Details editor

Here event, contract, declarer, result, score and player names can be changed. The 'enter contract' sub-screen only appears when the [edit contract] button is clicked. That screen can also be closed with the [close] button. All other changes can be made as required with the contract screen open.


Choose the number of tricks won by declarer and then the score can be calculated by pressing the [calculate] button. The vulnerability shown on the main screen will be used in this calculation.


You may enter the score manually, though it is important to use the PBN rules on the way the score is shown:


The score can be given in 5 possible formats:

   "<score>"                score of declarer

   "EW <score>"             score of EW

   "NS <score>"             score of NS

   "EW <score> NS <score>"  score of EW resp. NS

   "NS <score> EW <score>"  score of NS resp. EW

where <score> is the integer number of points.

The score can deviate from the normal value due to irregularities.