Options, pre-deal cards

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Options, pre-deal cards

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The [options] menu item [pre-deal cards] shows the cards pre-dealing screen. This screen also appears when you choose the item [Deals] [add new empty]. The main screen will have no cards showing and the pre-deal screen appears:


The seat indicator is a darker color than the others. In the example above East is selected, this is because the dealer was east. Click the cards you need for that hand, in any order. The cards will disappear from this screen and appear in the 'table' on main screen, correctly sorted.


If you click the wrong card, click on the incorrect card in the main screen and it will be returned to the pre-deal screen. Double click on the [East] indicator while entering cards to return all dealt cards to the pre-deal screen. Double-click a second time and the previously deal cards are returned to the 'table' on the main screen.


Once there are 13 cards deal to the east hand (in this example) any further cards clicked will automatically be pre-dealt to the South hand and so forth around the table. After three hands are dealt, double-click the last seat indicator (North in this example) to auto-fill that hand with the remaining cards. Where there are more than 13 cards in the pre-deal screen, a double-click a seat that has no cards and all the remaining cards are distributed, in order of suits. With no cards dealt, a double-click on any seat will distribute the cards with one suit per seat.