Further ideas

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Further ideas

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With third deal current, showing 'Deal 3' at the top of the screen, click the menu item [Deals][duplicate deal].


Deal 4 appears current, and is a copy of deal 3. Press F5, define movie, and click the 'Tricks' bullet. Double click 46 Play declarer to end.

On the left hand side move click the up arrow until 46 is just below 44.

Click on 44 and press [delete].


Click the 'display' bullet and double click '3 Hide East' and '7Hide West'.

Move these up on the left hand side to immediately before 46.


Press [OK] to close define movie.

Then press F4, edit text, and click the 'Deal' bullet. Change the existing text to:

Now, as declarer, participate in the play of the tricks. When it is your turn to play a flashing arrow will appear, pointing at the hand to play. Click the card of your choice. If you are not sure what to play press the step button  [>] at the bottom of the screen.

Press [OK] to save the text change.


Save the file and press F2 to play the movie.