Making your third deal

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Making your third deal

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Use menu item [Deals][Add new empty]. The pre-deal screen automatically appears. Change the board number to 1.


Use the pre-deal screen to enter the following deal. Re-size the pre-deal screen if you like. Click the [North] button at the top of the pre-deal screen. It will now be highlighted (slightly darker than the others). Start clicking the cards in the north hand, choosing to click in the order of the cards shown here. Spades KQ654 and so forth. If you make a mistake, click on the incorrect card on the main screen table top to return the card to the pre-deal screen.



♠ KQ654

♥ A109

♦ A102

♣ 92

♠ 32

♠ 97

♥ J854

♥ Q32

♦ 986

♦ KQJ4

♣ AK106

♣ Q873

♠ AJ108

♥ K76

♦ 753

♣ J54


Once north's cards have been entered, you can click the first card for East, 9 and the display will automatically move to the east hand as north is full. Alternatively just click the [East] button before clicking the 9. Enter all east's cards. Then enter south's cards. Double-click [West] and the deal completes. Close the pre-deal screen.


Now to enter the bidding, select menu item [options][bidding pad] or press F7 key. The North cell in the lower left hand corner is highlighted as North is the dealer and first to bid. The bidding pad is shown separately. Make North's bid by clicking the [1] followed by the [] keys on the bidding pad. Then complete the auction, [Pass], [2][], [Pass], [Pass], [Pass].