Options, define movie

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The [options] menu item [define movie] shows the define movie screen:

define movie

On the left hand side is the list of steps (called macros) you wish for the movie to take. On the initial showing this is empty. On the right hand side is a list of the available macros. The macros on the right can be moved to the list on the left by clicking on the required item and clicking the [<] button, or simply double-clicking the item.


The list on the right can be limited to a sub-set of the complete list by clicking the bullet of choice on the bottom right of the screen. By clicking the 'Bids' bullet, only the macros relating to bidding are shown in the right hand list.


The order of execution of the macros in the movie can be changed by moving them up or down the list using the up and down arrow buttons on the left. A macro can be deleted from the left hand list by clicking on it, so it is highlighted, and click the [Delete] button. Any macro can appear on the left hand side one or more times, in any chosen order.


The [Copy] and [Paste] buttons (not shown above) can be used to copy all the macros on the left hand side so that they can be pasted again on the left hand side (duplicating and repeating the list) or so you may place the same macro list in another deal.


If the 'Execute step on click' is ticked then when a macro is placed on the left hand side, or is clicked in the left hand list, the step is executed in the current deal and shown on the main screen. This does not apply to the multi-step macros like 'Bid north to end'.


Click on the [OK] button once complete, or use [Cancel] to discard the changes. As an example, the default movie is defined like this:

Default movie

These macros are clear enough in what they do and are generally self explanatory:

15 Position at 1st bid

The bidding will start at the first bid.

45 Show bids to end

Then show the bidding, one bid at a time, until the last bid. The delay between each bid will be the default value defined by the menu item [options][trick speed]

19 Position 1st trick 1st card

Once the bidding has finished, position the play of the tricks at the first card in the first trick.

40 Show cards to end

The play of all the available tricks is shown, one trick at a time, until the last available trick. The delay between each trick will be the default value defined by the menu item [options][trick speed].

24 Select next deal

Once the play has finished, move onto the next deal in the file.