Balance movement wizard

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Balance movement wizard

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When you select the  [balance movement] option from the movement properties [tools] menu this screen is shown:

balance 2

The key item to change is the "Number of switches". The Jeanie will search for that number of switches, and only that number, using the "balance type" you have chosen. The Jeanie searches all permutations of the requirements you have specified and in many cases that number can be very high. Each situation is reassessed for caliber. The type of balance you wish to perform can be one of these three:

Rounds for all tables

All the tables in whole rounds of the movement will be switched and the number of rounds switched will be equal to the "number of switches".

Tables for all rounds

All the rounds in whole tables of the movement will be switched and the number of tables switched will be equal to the "number of switches".

Barometer tables

This is the same as "tables for all rounds" except the algorithm is different and  it is at least ten times faster. The movement must be a endless Howell with all boards shared across all tables on each round.

All tables in all rounds

This will randomly switch a random number of tables, retaining the result for the next iteration when the calibre improves.


The "stop on change" option when ticked means Jeanie will stop the search whenever the search calibre improves over the previous best value found. Even so, when the search is started by clicking the [Go] button you may stop at any time by clicking the [Stop] button (which is the same as the [Go] button only the caption changes after it is started).


Once the search finishes, click close and the properties screen will be updated to reflect the last best balance situation found. At this point if you are satisfied with the results [Save] the movement to retain the changes. If the movement is not saved then the changes will lost.


These searches use multi-threaded logic. Jeanie creates as many threads as defined in the system defaults "maximum number of threads in balancing". The more power and processors in your machine the faster the results.


The last option, 'all tables in all rounds', needs special consideration. The screen appears:

Balance all

The random number seed defaults to the number of tables but can be changed to any value. Where you start with a seed and then rerun later, starting at the same position, with the same seed, the results will be the same.


Tick the 'stop on change' option for best results. After is stops because of change, click [Go] again. Keep doing this until the search continues for some time without success. Generally the best has been found at this point, though persistence may win through.