Generate rounds wizard

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Generate rounds wizard

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When you select the round generator option from the movement properties [tools] menu this screen is shown:


This wizard allows you to generate rounds from the data found in other rounds. The key items are the round number you want to generate and the round number from which you will be deriving the new round. Only one round is generated each time you click the [Process & step] button. After the round is generated the two key items, "generate round" and "using round" are incremented by one. Also the changes are reflected in the properties screen so you may check the changes are correct. If need be, position this screen so you can see the changes.


The "Tables" panel at the top right allows you to restrict the round generating to either particular tables or all tables.


There are two groups of rules, one applies to the pairs and the other to the board sets. Note for individual movements there are rules for all seats: N,S,E and W but otherwise the screen is very similar. Both the pairs and the board sets can be ignored and not changed  by choosing "Ignore" in the respective rules list.


For the pairs rules the "Copy", "increment" and "Decrement" options only apply to the "Direction(s)" chosen. Click and tick the North-South and/or East-West boxes in the "Direction" group as you require. If one of the directions is unticked then the "unticked direction" option is used, either copying the value or ignoring that seat.


Where the rules are "increment" or "decrement" the maximum and minimum values (respectively) are critical. When incrementing numbers values greater than the maximum value are replaced with the "becomes" value. Similarly when decrementing, values less than the minimum are replaced with the "becomes" value.