Using the keyboard

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Using the keyboard

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The keyboard can be used to navigate the menus and screens. Sometimes you need to use two keys to execute the item. For example to save the file use the two keys [Ctrl] and the letter [S]. Press Ctrl] first and then the [S]. This is shown as Ctrl-S below.


Generally the [Enter] key is used to press the highlighted button on the screen, and the [Esc] key is used to press the [Cancel] button.


File menu


[Open] Ctrl-O

[Save] Ctrl-S

[New] Ctrl-N

[Exit] Ctrl-F4

[Play movie] F2


Deals menu


[Add new random] Ctrl-D

[Add new empty] Ctrl-E

[Delete deal] Ctrl-T

[Clear all cards] Ctrl-R

[Edit text] F4

[Edit details] F3


Options menu


[Pre-deal cards] F8

[Bidding pad] F7

[Enter play] F9

[Define movie] F5

[Movie wizard] F6