Making your first deal

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Making your first deal

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Use menu item [Deals][Clear all cards]. Say [Yes] to the question do you really mean it. This question only arises if the menu item [options][check delete] is checked (with a bullet next to the item). Now we have a totally clean slate, showing just the four names of the compass positions showing. Note the board number is 1, north dealer and none vulnerable.


Click the menu item [options][pre-deal cards], which is now checked, and the pre-deal screen appears with all 52 cards showing. Re-size this screen if it is too small for you. The top button shows [North] slightly darker than the other three compass positions. Double-click the [North button] and all 52 cards are dealt to the 4 hands, one suit at a time. Close the pre-deal screen by clicking the [X] on the top right or un-check the menu item [options][pre-deal cards].


Select the menu item [Deals][Edit text] and the comment editor screen appears. Note 'description' is selected on the top row, with the bullet next to it on. Type the following text, or copy and paste:


Bridge is played using a 52 card deck. Ace is the highest ranking card in each suit,  then the King, Queen and so forth. The order is shown here in each suit, the 2 being the lowest.


Click [OK]. Then of the main screen right-click your mouse in the center. You should be shown the text you have just entered. Press [close] to close that screen.


Click the menu item [options][define movie]. The define movie should start with nothing on the left hand side.  Re-size the screen if you like. Click the bullet 'text' in the lower right hand corner. Click the movie step '25  Show description and wait', then click the [<] button in the center. Macro 25 then appears on the left hand side.


Click the bullet 'navigation' in the lower right hand corner. Double-click macro '24 select next deal' on the right hand side (or use the [<] button as before). Now we have defined the first movie steps. Click [OK] and the 'define movie' screen closes. If you press [Cancel] the changes would be lost. Save the file using menu item [file][save] or use Ctrl-S.


Click menu item [File][play movie] (or F2) and the first step  '25  Show description and wait' is executed and when you press [OK] and the show stops (there is no next deal to go to). Notice that while the movie is playing all the menu items etc. are not available, and the other difference is the appearance of a [Stop] button on the top of the main screen. This is there so that if you have a rogue movie running it can be stopped.


Now start the second deal.