Notes and notations

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Notes and notations

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A standard feature of PBN files is the ability to associate note and notations with any bid or play. Jill supplies a method of editing this text.


To bring up the notes and notation screen do one of two things:

1.Double click on any bid in the bidding list found on the main screen, bottom left.

2.Double click on any card showing in the card play record screen.


The notes and notation screen is shown:


This screen is showing the note number and all the notations applying to the selected bid or card play. The menu item [options][show tricks] will show all tricks for the current hand. Once the notes and notation screen is showing you only need to click on another bid or play to change the bid or play you are currently considering. In addition many other menu options are accessible while this screen is open, such as [deals][edit text].


If you want a note to be applied, click the note number in the top list and that number will be shown in the Note number box at the very top. Enter the text for that note in the 'Note text' box. The special characters discussed in the [deals][edit text] menu item also apply. For the spade () symbol enter \s, for hearts () enter \h, for diamonds () enter \d and clubs () enter \c.  For a bullet enter \b.


When dealing with 'bids' there are 32 possible notes. Similarly for 'play' there are also another 32. This is a PBN limitation. Only one of the notes applies to any one bid or play.


You may select one or more notations for any one bid or play. The standard PBN notations are:

0 'no annotation'

1 good call

2 poor call

3 very good call

4 very poor call

5 speculative call

6 questionable call

7 good card

8 poor card

9 very good card

10 very poor card

11 speculative card

12 questionable card

13 call has been corrected manually

14 card has been corrected manually

20 natural call

21 artificial call

22 punish double

23 relay

24 cue bid

25 competitive bid

26 preemptive bid

27 asking bid

30 very weak

31 weak

32 strong

33 very strong

34 minimum

35 maximum

36 not a minimum

37 not a maximum

38 game invitation

39 slam invitation

40 game interest

41 slam interest

42 no game interest

43 no slam interest

50 forcing bid

51 forcing one round

52 forcing to game

53 forcing to slam

54 forcing to 3NT

55 forcing to 4H

56 forcing to 4S

57 forcing to 5C

58 forcing to 5D

59 no forcing bid

60 forced bid

61 transfer for Spades

62 transfer for Hearts

63 transfer for Diamonds

64 transfer for Clubs

65 stopper in Spades

66 stopper in Hearts

67 stopper in Diamonds

68 stopper in Clubs

69 first control in Spades

70 first control in Hearts

71 first control in Diamonds

72 first control in Clubs

73 mixed control in Spades

74 mixed control in Hearts

75 mixed control in Diamonds

76 mixed control in Clubs

80 1-suited hand

81 2-suited hand

82 3-suited hand

83 balanced without 5-card major

84 balanced 5-card major possible

85 distributional

90 fit

91 double fit

92 bad trumps

93 good trumps

200 highest of series

201 third best lead

202 fourth best lead

203 fifth best lead

204 third best or fifth best lead

210 positive signal for Spades

211 positive signal for Hearts

212 positive signal for Diamonds

213 positive signal for Clubs

214 negative signal for Spades

215 negative signal for Hearts

216 negative signal for Diamonds

217 negative signal for Clubs

220 even number of cards in Spades

221 even number of cards in Hearts

222 even number of cards in Diamonds

223 even number of cards in Clubs

224 odd number of cards in Spades

225 odd number of cards in Hearts

226 odd number of cards in Diamonds

227 odd number of cards in Clubs

230 asking card

231 give suit length signal in Spades

232 give suit length signal in Hearts

233 give suit length signal in Diamonds

234 give suit length signal in Clubs

235 give preference signal in Spades

236 give preference signal in Hearts

237 give preference signal in Diamonds

238 give preference signal in Clubs


Notations in the 100 range only apply to movies and are discussed in movie notations.