Options, enter play

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Options, enter play

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The [options] menu item [enter play] shows the card play record screen:

play record

This shows the opening lead is by East (Trick 1, E) and Jill awaits the opening lead to be clicked in the East hand. The play record screen can be closed while play takes place, though generally it would be helpful to the author to keep track of, and make corrections to, the play. If you close the card record screen (by clicking the X at the top right) then it can be re-displayed with the menu item [options][show tricks]. When checked the screen shows, un-checked it does not.


To enter the play, click the cards in order of play on the main screen. Say the opening lead is the 3 then the play record is:

H3 played

The 3 is also removed from the East hand and placed in the middle of the table. To put the card back in the East hand (you clicked the wrong card) just click on 3 in the play record screen. Then play the correct card from the East hand. The corrections can only be made in the reverse order they are played. After the first trick has been played it appears like:

Trick one

At this point the menu item [options][trick speed] dictates what happens next. With [click] checked you must click a card on the table to move onto the next trick. With a time delays checked, after the specified number of seconds the trick is completed and play proceeds to the next trick. In this case North is on lead, and the trick record shows:

North to lead

Also the trick count in the bottom right now shows declarer has having won 1 trick. Play then proceeds as far as you like until trick 13. Stop play anytime by un-checking the [options] menu item [enter play]. When the play is completed the score is shown in the bottom right corner of the main screen. When play is terminated before trick 13, enter the result using the [edit details] menu item.